Healthy Aging Medical Center Reviews

“Healthy Aging Medical Centers have some of the finest doctors in the field of medicine today. They are always punctual, eager to help, very interested and caring, well mannered, and very professional in their demeanor. I very much enjoyed discussing many areas of interest with them, within the field of Aging Medicine. They are most enjoyable to work with, and are extraordinarily interactive with all of their patients.”

“Hope everything is going well by you and your family, I met with Dr. Ed on Friday to go over my blood work results, and everything seems very good, I am very happy with the program and the progress, thank you very much for getting my hormones levels back in track, I feel very healthy, happier, younger, with lots of energy, focus, better balance, and with more mental clarity, Overall I feel great, and I just want to thank you for being part of my optimal health.”

“Amazing detail, unbelievable common sense knowledge and care. He corrected a problem for me that no one could find. Best functional medicine doctor I have ever met (and I’ve met a ton of them)!”

“Thank you Dr.Rand for changing my life!!! My energy is thru the roof and I lost 18 pounds. The doctor doesn’t only treat you, but also educates you!!!!!”